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“Global Grad Show reveals wearable airbags to save older people from injury”

“A celebration of the combined ingenuity of students around the planet”

— 27/11/2021

“ICD progress prize winner 2019”

Thought-provoking projects from the world’s best design schools

“How Design Students From Around The World Are Trying To Solve Problems You Didn’t Know Existed”

“Dubai’s Global Grad show tackles social and environmental problems through diverse design”

“The Future of Health Tech was on show”

“The next generation designing solutions for a better world”

“Innovation Station: An annual exhibition showcases the work of forward-thinking graduates”

“Global Grad Show calls for student designs that respond to coronavirus Link to press piece”

“A Dubai-based initiative to help innovators get their technologies to market”

“From a super-tough incubator to a pillow that turns off the internet, Global Grad Show highlights design innovations”

Global Grad Show, billed as the world's most diverse gathering of graduate design projects that provide solutions to social and environmental issues. — 18/11/2020

“Wearable airbag that detects when you have lost your balance and automatically inflates to cushion your fall could protect elderly people from hip injuries”

Global Grad Show 2020 connects the world’s best academic minds from universities worldwide to develop solutions for a better world. — 06/11/2020

“Global Grad Show 2020 takes innovation to the next level”

Global Grad Show 2020 takes innovation to the next level — 21/11/2020

“Meet the London student entrepreneur who creates edible protein from chicken feathers”

“The Global Grad Show, usually held in Dubai, features graduate student projects with the potential to make a positive impact on society.” — 09/11/2020

“The virtual exhibition features 100 projects by the next generation of graduate inventors who provide solutions to social and environmental challenges.”

“The Global Grad Show features solutions to social and health problems invented by graduate students from around the world.”

“These incredible clothes grow with your child”

“Design student has designed a flexible layer of wearable technology that could prevent athletes injuring themselves and improve rehabilitation”