# 2016

Biomaterials & Music


The world’s first silk violin

Biomaterials & Music is the world’s first “silk violin”. As it is made from a composite material that includes silk and spiders’ silk, the violin’s acoustics can be customised. Biomaterials & Music exploits the resonating properties of spiders’ silk by combining it with silk and a binding agent. The different fibres, combined with the project’s distinct method of mixing them together, enable the acoustics of any musical instrument to be customised, depending on the sound that is required.

Luca Alessandrini

  • Luca Alessandrini
    Royal College of Art

    An interdisciplinary creative able to give alternative perspectives. Young professional with a background that encompass design, communication, sociology and marketing. Thanks to this rich background, he is able to offer unconventional points of view merging together creativity, social awareness and a practical approach. His technical skills include engineering and making. Supported by a strong academic past, he is careful and committed in the social and communicative aspects of his projects. His profile is enriched by three years of international experiences and travelling in China, Middle East and Europe where he worked as export manager of his own designer furniture collections. Strong artistic experience with painting exhibitions and music performances in Italy, Europe and UK. He exposed a mechanical rotating in the last Venice Biennale 2015. He just finalised his double master in Innovation Design Engineering between Imperial College and Royal College of Art being marked with Distinction.more

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