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Cerita Dalang


Game encouraging children to use recycled objects to tell stories

Cerita Dalang is an interactive platform that encourages children’s play through the use of recycled objects. Cerita Dalang consists of short, animated movies based around children’s stories and the process of creation. They are shown on television between prime-time movies, and inspire children to create their own tales with the help of immediately available materials. At the end of each movie, a link to the Cerita Dalang website allows the audience to engage with its digital platform and submit their own stories. Stimulating children to craft imaginative narratives through found objects, Cerita Dalang endorses creative and

Nesia Anindita

  • Nesia Anindita
    University of Gothenburg

    Nesia Anindita is an illustrator and graphic designer from Indonesia with background in child culture design. She always fascinated in children's world, especially with play as the central activity of the child's life. She completed her master degree in Child Culture Design from HDK - University of Gothenburg, Sweden, and focusing more and more on play from design perspectives. With 7 years of experience as illustrator and designer, Nesia believes in endless imagination and creativity of children. Her life goal is to design something useful, playful, and impactful, for children in her country, Indonesia.more

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