# 2020

Chlorophyll – Film


Using biomaterials to control pests and improve the efficiency of small scale salad farming

Chlorophyll-film is a new biodegradable material originated from farm waste. It can be used to create a natural and highly efficient mulching film for small-holding salad farms, whilst acting as a pest trap at the same time. The project aims at exploring how new materials and new methods can disrupt the farming activities in small-holding salad farms in a sustainable way, by reducing expenses in pesticides and reusing discarded biomaterial in a circular way.

Shiyi Liang

  • Shiyi Liang

    Royal College of Art

    Jenna Borges, Victoria Fishman, and Kevin Paroda are designers from the University of Pennsylvania. They are inspired by the tenants of universal design, and believe that designing products that work for those with the greatest needs and still have design aesthetics that appeal to the masses will help build a more inclusive world.more

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