# 2017

Cleaning Strategies


Cleaning products developed from natural waste

Cleaning Strategies is an investigation into the use and meaning of the word ‘clean’. Casting a critical eye on the unsustainable cleaning industry that fabricates its tools from various chemical agents, this project demonstrates the potential of natural resources. On an industrial scale, various local raw materials are eliminated and ‘cleaned away’ without a critical assessment of their possible use. Cleaning Strategies explores the potential of using these wasted raw materials to create local, sustainable cleaning products and tools.

Soley Thrainsdottir

  • Soley Thrainsdottir
    Iceland University of the Arts

    Sóley is a B.A. graduate from the Programme of Product Design at Iceland Academy of the Arts. She has practiced research based design and holistic mapping methods. She is interested in origin of products, industrial processes, crafts, sustainable methods and materials and raw and natural materiality. She approaches systems thinking in design research with emphasis on the relationship between natural cycles and man-made systems with an interest in utilization of industrial waste materials and natural resources. In her work she likes to observe and explore local materials and resources with the enthusiasm to project her ideology to a global context.more

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