# 2016

Cubic Dream


A collapsible kitchen for tiny homes

Cubic Dream is a domestic space-saving solution for small dwellings. The design combines cooking and dining into a single fully integrated, collapsible kitchen in order to optimise the potential of confined spaces and allow for the possibility of movement.

Matt Tam

  • Matt Tam
    Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT)

    "My design perspective- Design should always be user-center prioritized. To identify contemporary problems and tackle them in a smart way. It’s all about how your design can help and improve user’s life and how design can interact with users proficiently and efficiently in order to our lives in a better place and prepare for the future. I finished my honours degree of industrial design at RMIT Melbourne in 2015. I’m currently doing my master degree in teaching at Monash University. As a person, I am passionate about seeing how things can interact with each other. I am fascinated by the futuristic style of designs and designs that highly involves human interaction. I am always curious about how things work that leads me to break things up into even smaller pieces and figure out the truth by myself. I am an ambitious and imaginative person that I believe my design can be inspiring and fun."more

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