# 2017

First Bite Café


Product service system designed for children to experience edible insects

First Bite Cafe is a food preparation environment that introduces children to insect eating through the act of co-production. Children engage with a collection of intuitive and participatory tools and, together with their parents, prepare the insects for easy consumption. Countering the phobias and fears associated with insects, this environment encourages a curious and imaginative approach to food production. Inspired by the ecological damage of our reliance on the meat industry, First Bite Cafe creates an environment of understanding that can enable a shift away from environmentally harmful eating habits.

Mahetzi Hernandez

  • Royal College of Art

    Design is culture making. As a product and strategic designer I am interested in the role that design can take in challenging assumptions and established ways of production and living. Especially focused on product service systems that involve positive behavioral change to alleviate environmental impact and lead people to live in a sustainable way. Design is a tool for empowerment and I am keen in exploring the different facets of society in which it can be used to uplift and bring balance and enhance.more


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