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Graphic Writing Workshops


Rethink reading and writing

Graphic Writing Workshops are a series of library-based exercises that play with the substance and stability of words. Exercise One has participants select a book from the shelf, and hand-copy its text onto a provided piece of paper, following the curved and wavy guide lines of the page. For the second exercise, users place a stencil with randomly placed gaps on the bed of a photocopier. Participants then scan pages of text, hiding and revealing random passages. Exercise Three involves typing words onto a computer screen, while the computer moves and shifts the words you type, creating a collage of active letters. Finally, Exercise Four invites participants to use a collection of 3D letterforms, all with uneven surfaces. When placed on a photocopier, the letterforms create words that seem to melt into the paper. The Graphic Writing Workshops disrupt the stability of words and their individual forms, highlighting the flexibility of language.


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Miriam Betoux

  • l’École supérieure d’art et design de Saint-Étienne (ESADSE)

    After a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree at ESADSE in Saint Étienne, a couple of internships and a first experience in a design agency, she is working on personal projects linked with our own perceptions of what is our everyday life filled with. Using her personal observations and interpretations of the world she creates projects that are questioning the everyday life.more

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