# 2016



Kitchenware designed for eating alone

MEaltime is a modular and versatile kitchenware system designed for those who cook and eat alone. Due to a lack of space, time and company, MEaltime embraces unconventional behaviours by providing multi use objects such as: an enamel pan that transitions between being a pan and a bowl for eating out of, a double-sided wooden chopping board, a heat protection cover that enables eating whilst standing up and a pressed glass lid which can be used as a storage system.

Clea Jentsch

  • Royal College of Art

    Clea Jentsch is a German designer. She completed her Bachelor of Arts in Product and Furniture Design at Kingston University London, followed by a Master of Arts in Design Products at the Royal College of Art. Through behavioral observations Clea designs objects and tools that embody instinctive actions. Clea’s work has been widely exhibited, for instance at the Victoria and Albert Museum, Designjunction and Sónar +D.more

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