# 2019

On the Skin


A shirt that prevents back injuries

Miners often suffer from muscular and skeletal damage over the course of their work lives, with back and shoulder injuries being particularly common. On the Skin is a protective shirt that supports and restrains the upper body in order to ensure that the wearer maintains correct posture at work, reducing the risk of injury. A lightweight harness over the shoulders and chest ensures that weight is evenly distributed over the body, while the lower-back protection supports muscles and reduces tension when force and movement are applied.

Natalia Sandoval

  • Natalia Sandoval
    University of Talca

    She is a product designer who graduated from Talca University and did her post grade in Industrial design at Gerona university UDG. In 2015, Natalia won first prize at the ibero-american Biennial of design, Spain. Design of products category, with “On the skin” project. Nowadays, dedicated at office furniture area and how people work better in collaborative spaces.more

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