# 2016



A smart phone for places without power

Sunergy is a solar-powered smart phone designed for indoor use. It has been designed to maximise battery life without sacrificing power-draining apps such as the phone’s camera, maps, Facebook, etc. Sunergy uses improved photovoltaic cells, demonstrating that solar panels can provide adequate energy without the need to expose the user and device to direct solar radiation. Although designed to function as a full-featured smart phone, Sunergy also provides a low energy mode for maximizing the phone’s battery life when needed.

Arturo Marquez Evangelista

  • National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM)

    "My name is Arturo Marquez, I’m an industrial engineer, currently making studies for a Master degree on Industrial Design, I’m the owner of little company which integrates renewable energy on Mexico, working in this kind of projects, combined with the formation as engineer and interest on design trigger my curiosity to research and develop way to combine the renewable energy and design. The support of the UNAM Industrial Design Postgraduate program was fundamental in the development of myself as student of design and researcher. The program was quite enriching to me and understood the point of view where the design can help to a user was quite interesting, and I try to combine all this to create solutions to problems."more

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