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An irrigation system powered by the sun

SunWater is an ongoing product, system and business development project established in collaboration with Dr. Paul Polak and Affordable Village Solar, Inc. The objective of SunWater is to use solar power and drip irrigation at the lowest possible cost to improve the crop production of small-scale farmers while providing them with market advice to increase their revenues. The project proposes a comprehensive business strategy, an effective product distribution system, and a strong brand for farmers in India’s north-eastern regions.

Sushant Passi

  • Sushant Passi

    "As a designer, I am driven towards creating solutions to real world problems. I enjoy working with my hands, solving problems and innovating. I work towards function and to create objects that can make a difference. My specific interests lie in the field of product and furniture design. The Form and Function of an object, down to the way it ticks, is what I enjoy making and ideating. I have a keen interest in experimental product design. These can be delivering a desired function in an unconventional way, or simply addressing a new user centric requirement. I also enjoy travelling and exploring different systems and cultures, fuelled by my curiosity to know more about the world I live in. "more

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