# 2016

Trenc Water Saver


Wash dishes without wasting water

Trenc Water Saver is a simple appliance designed to reduce water consumption through household faucets. When placed at the end of the tap, it reduces the flow of water used, permitting the full intensity of flow only when the lever is pushed up. The product’s main goal is to provide a technologically simple, low cost and user-friendly way to save water.

Marc Garcia Jané

  • Marc Garcia Jané
    UPC BarcelonaTECH

    Marc Garcia Jané (21) is an Industrial Design Engineering student from Solsona, in Catalonia. Now he is studying the Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design and Product Development Engineering in the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. The exceptional environment where he has grown up gave him the interest and the passion to nature and people that define his vision as a designer and engineer. The combination of those disciplines with his culture interest and music and his active belonging to the scout movement let him to approach the projects with a unique view and methodology.more

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