# 2016



A washing machine that needs no electricity or running water

Wasser is a hand-operated machine designed to wash clothes where running water and electricity is not readily available. Wasser converts an up and down motion into the same back and forth rotating movement found in electric washing machines. After completing this process, Wasser is tipped upside-down to drain the water, while the lock-on lid acts as a sieve and prevents the clothing from falling out.

George Gibbens

  • George Gibbens
    Tshwane University of Technology

    "I am an industrial design student in my 3rd and final year of study. Design and everything related thereto has been a passion of mine since early childhood. To study in the field of where my passion lies, is a dream come true. During my years of study, I have been involved in a number of university projects such as the following: 1) Designing a domestic firefighter that is used to fight fires in informal settlements. 2) A hand assembled modular fishing pond made from a recycled plastic/wood composite material I have also worked at design studios/ consultancies during university breaks to gain practical experience in his field of study. Once I have completed my studies I am looking forward to a career as an Industrial Designer."more


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