# 2016

Water Pot


This clothes washer is designed to protect children

Water Pot is a non-mechanical washing device for residents of rural South Africa. The device provides a simple solution to the difficulties and dangers of washing by hand, such as back problems, skin irritations, water pollution and accidental drowning. The Water Pot concept is inspired by the traditional pot used to beat maize with a long stick. There is no back bending, contact with detergents and the pot is covered when in use preventing accidental drowning.

Balungile Mahlangu

  • Tshwane University of Technology

    "I am a 27 year old 3rd year 3D Design student from TUT in Pretoria South Africa. I am the second youngest of six children comprising of four older brothers and one younger sister. Both my parents were teachers so education was of high importance to them whilst growing up. My father saw that I was very passionate in sketching cars, so in my final year of high school he went around sourcing a course which could lead me into automotive design, hence I studied 3D Design. I enjoy designing because it gives you an opportunity to reshape the environment around you, by problem solving, and merging old technology with new technology. I have a keen interest in 3D Printing technology because it has the potential to bring manufacturing closer to the everyday man.My ultimate goal is to train underprivileged youth around South Africa and equipped them with design, cad and 3D printing skills so they can become active manufacturers both locally and internationally."more

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