# 2016

Window Socket


Plug your phone into your window

Window Socket is a simple solar charger that is designed to attach, via a suction pad, to any window that receives sunlight, and immediately begin producing electricity. The portable device has a plug socket that can be used to charge small devices directly or act as a fully portable charge station. Window Socket is intended to give its user access to electricity freely and conveniently in a space with restricted availability, such as in a plane, a car, and outdoors.


  • Kyuho Song

    Samsung Art and Design Institute (SADI)

    Majored in interior, public design and product design. To continually study and focus on product design, entered SADI (Samsung Art and Design Institute). Attending to both, SADI and Samsung Design Membership, won awards from all 3 top international contest. particularly, awarded 'Best of the best' for 'comfort cast' at German Red Dot Design awards and 'Wind Socket' was chosen as 2013 best design from top american design site yanko design. He has been working as a designer at Samsung's mobile division. It also operates a design studio ‘found/Founded’more

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