Aleksandra Radlak


Born in a city in Poland called Częstochowa, well visited by pilgrims cause of its famous Monastery, I did grow up with a natural interest in people’s behaviour and habits. Therefor the question of “why do we what we do?” was always part of my journey. In my career as a young designer, graduated in 2018 from Industrial Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow, I am now trying to find answers to this question. By traveling around the World and exploring diversities in relation with humanity and design, I had various possibilities to develop myself as a attentively, open-minded person- likewise as a designer. Over a past few years I had a chance to expose my designs in many national and international exhibitions, such as: Vienna Design Biennale (2017), Biennal of Student Design DESIGN.S in Brno (2018), or Must See in Warsaw (2019). For me design is a powerful tool to improve not only people’s life and potential, but also a purpose to confront them with daily issues. ​