Walda Verbaenen


Walda Verbaenen, who teaches graphic design to students (age between 16 till 20 years) at De Wijnpers school in Leuven, Belgium, followed the Expert Class Type design at the Plantin Institute in Antwerp in 2015 under the supervision of Dr. Frank E. Blokland. It has further fueled her passion for Typography, allowing her to complete her Master of Arts in Visual Arts, with specialization Reading Type and Typography at the PXL MAD Faculty in Hasselt (Belgium) in 2019 under the supervision of Prof. dr. Ann Bessemans. It was an obvious choice for her to work on a useful and meaningful project. Phonotype seeks to bridge the gap between different cultures, thus enabling better integration. After winning the C-mine award from the city of Genk, this master's project has given her life and work a turn in which the project will be tested on foreign speakers. After the first (Dutch language) research phase, it will be expanded to include other languages.